Birthday special sex My 22nd Birthday night Sex Story Hindi chudai story

Birthday special sex . Birthday ki din chudai. Hindi chudai story, hindi sex kahaniya . Hindi chudai kahaniya

Hi , i am Neena . And today i’m gonna tell u guys how i celebrated my 22th BDay night , the best BDay of my life . First of all let me tell u about myself . I am working per time as a waitress at a night club right now and used to do some modeling before for bikinis or breast products . I have a very thin waist and curvy body , fair & smooth skin, long legs , big round ass , 36 DD round boobs , long straight hair and almost one inch long pointy nipples .Right now i am living by myself and don’t have a steady lover . I like to have one night stands , sex parties and Gangbang with older guys and big black guys and sometimes take money from the guys I usually hook with .

A few days ago , the day before my BDay the old man living next to my apartment came and asked me about my plans on my BDay . When i told him that i had nothing special in my mind , he told me … ‘Then why don’t i throw a party on your Birthday … i was going to arrange a party for my friends anyway …’ . And that’s how i ended up in his apartment on my BDay night . I wore my new pair of blue jeans and a lacy white bra which hardly covered my boobs .I messaged cream and oil on my boobs before going to shower that morning. I put on red lipsticks and red nail polish on my nails , wore high heels , used a special perfume to seduce men and went there .I knew there were going to be old guys which i was happy with but all of them ?! Seriously ??? And on top of that 22 men . I don’t know if it was a consequence. They were all between the age of 55-70 i guess. Anyway i was eating , drinking and having fun with everyone but i noticed they were eyeing me like hawks aiming for their prey. I was ignoring the fact or more like i was enjoying it .

After some time , the old man who arranged the party gathered everyone and announced that we will play a game . It turned out that it was a bidding game and it was on my bra .I wondered how it turned out like that.But i wasn’t against it as how much of a slut i was. So i had to stand on a table and everyone gathered in front of me. To tell u the truth i was a little bit nervous. The bidding started and i was amazed i got quite a handful of money selling my bra .The man who won the bidding came forward licking his lips . I told him i will take it of myself and give it to him. I turned around , unhooked it , took some of my hair and placed on my boobs to at least hide my nipples . Then i handed it over . After that , the guys started to give me tasks on purpose ,that would lift my hair from my boobs . I sat on a sofa after a while and two men came and sat on my both sides . I was half drunk by then . The guy sitting at my left side took the hair strands i placed on my left boob in his hand and mstarted saying how beautiful my hair is . Though his eyes never left my booby. Then the other guy removed hair from my right breast and without any playing he took the nipple in his mouth and started sucking hungrily . Then the guy from left side got the courage and started doing the same while i kept my hands on their heads and tightly pressing them on my nipples and squeezing my boobs ferociously . Everyone was watching us carefully . A third guy who was fully drunk started coming toward me with a glass of wine in his one hand and his bare cock in another.

I think he wanted to shove it in my mouth but slipped as soon as he came near me and fell on my lap . My jeans were now soaked so i had no way but to change my clothe . By then my cake was already prepared at the table . My old neighbor handed me a small packet and told me change into it . I went to another room and took of my jeans . When i opened the packet i was shocked . It was some red strings and nothing more . However i changed into them without thinking much. The top hardly covered my nipples and the bottom one didn’t even try to cover anything . To think , i even came to another room to change my clothes . When i walked out of the room everybody screamed and clapped for saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY . I was very happy . I cut the cake with everyone around me . Touching my butt or belly and teasing me . Then suddenly i had a better idea . Instead of feeding them from my hand i planned to feed them from somewhere else . So i took my bikini top off and messaged the cake on my boobs . The old men were surprised . Then i sat on the table with a sexy pose and said COME ON BOYS ! EAT ME !! They took no time and came rushing to me . They laid me on my back on the table , took some extra chocolate sauce , messaged it on my boobs and belly and started licking it .

My nipples were turning red by getting sucked and bitten continuously. One man goes and another comes at his place . They were all over my body .I was feeling horny by then and was looking for a way to take their cocks . I broke the silence and said … Umm.. GUYS ! BY THE WAY … WHERE ARE MY PRESENTS ? I was planning to want their hot rods as my present but before saying anything , all of them stood in front of the table and took out their cocks in their hands HERE ARE YOUR PRESENTS ! I was happy with that and said BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENTS EVER !! So i took two cocks in my two hands at each time and tried hard to suck them dry . I drank gallons of cum but it never seemed to stop coming out .I sucked dry almost 17 guys or so i thought . There were no sign of them to stop cumming . Just how much could these old guys cum … i thought . I then realised they were not going to use any condoms i realized , and i was not on my pills . I could certainly get pregnant . But it was fine with me . I wanted to make this night memorable for me . It was not like i was hoping any economical help from them as they were most likely to be broke and seemed almost every guy seemed low bred to me . I was sucking and licking their thick dirty cocks and swallowing their cum. Suddenly i noticed , a thin old guy , probably in his 70’s , standing a little far from us and nervously trying to put on a condom . I saw that and planned to tease him a little . I stopped sucking the others immediately and started reaching for his cock crawling on my hands and knees like a wild cat. I grabbed his cock and removed the condom he wore by biting it off with my teeth . PLEASE DON’T WEAR A CONDOM , I NEED YOUR BABY SEEDS , I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABY … He seemed to get tensed and start sweating . UMM… I HAVE A WIFE , A FAMILY , CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN …THEY WILL BE DESAPPOINTED IF THEY FOUND OUT I GOT A GIRL PREGNANT WHO IS AS YOUNG AS MY GRAND DAUGHTER … he said. I smiled naughtily and said I WILL KEEP IT A SECRET , JUST COME SEE THE BABY ONCE IN A WHILE ,IF I DO GET PREGNANT BY YOU … AND FUCK ME MORE BEFORE LEAVING EVERY TIME … YOU CAN EVEN SHARE ME WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND MAKE ME YOUR PERSONAL WHORE … SHARE MY BREAST MILK WITH YOUR OWN BABY … SO JUST HURRY UP AND GIVE ME YOUR CUM …saying that i licked on the body of his penis . With just one lick it stood proud and straight as a soldier .

I kissed on the tip of his cock and as soon as i did that cum started oozing from it . I sucked an bit on his balls , licking the body , carefully avoiding the tip. His penis was now overflowing with baby making juice . Suddenly someone shoved all of his cock inside my pussy from behind . UGH… i screamed with my mouth full of cock .A sharp pain spread all around my body . The cock owner then grabbed my waist and started moving front and back . Taking almost all of it out except the tip and suddenly jamming all of it again . Someone lied their under me and took by boob in his mouth .Two of them made me give them a hand job . Guys kept coming and going . One replaced another . My mouth , hands , nipples and pussy did not get to rest at all .After an hour or two they grabbed my hair and made me sit on top of a thick dirty cock . I was getting the pleasure already . I jumped on his cock up and down like crazy . And did the same with more cocks. I grind , jumped and even twisted around while sitting on them. We were moaning loudly . My hands , mouth ,boobs got busy again .After a while someone came from behind took my ass . I was sometimes being triple penetrated and sometimes two guys fucked my tight pussy at the same time . Loads of cum kept filling me up and it had no sign to stop … After 3 or may be 4 hours continuously being fucked , i was totally exhausted and thought i couldn’t take it anymore . PLEASE STOP , PLEASE … OR ELSE I MIGHT DIE… i told them crying . SHUT UP BITCH ! WE PAID YOUR PIMP WELL SO YOU WILL TAKE OUR SERVICE … My boobs got all red from squeezing and sucking … Pussy and ass were hurting …PIMP ?! i thought …SO I WAS SOLD FOR THE NIGHT BY THE OLD NEIGHBOR OF MINE ?! i was thinking how it ended up like this … I WILL DIE IF IT GOES ON …i told them while crying. I was slowly loosing my consciousness and half dreaming half awake … i remembered the day i lost my virginity . My mom left me and my dad for another man when i was only nine . Father hooked with random women and hardly stayed at home . At the age of thirteen , one morning , father suddenly left to meet his lover whose husband left home for business trip . As far as i knew . It was another town and would take papa 3-4 days to come back , i knew . That day , 4 -5 hours after he left a big black guy came to our house which was actually a farm house . He said he was appointed to come as papa needed him to fix his bike .But may be he forgot to call him off as he had to leave suddenly. I opened the garage for him and told him to do his job . Papa knew him well so there was no harm in paying him later . He was in his 40’s may be , a bald guy , thick lips , thick nose , a big gap between the two teeth at front .

I don’t know what got into me that day. I came back to the garage where he was working only in his pants and sweating crazily . It took me only a while to seduce him. I had already grew my boobs to 34 DD . I remember … he had a penis so thick and long that i suddenly got scared . He pushed me on papa’s useless bike , ripped off my clothes and thurst his big black penis in my tight virgin pussy. It took him almost half an hour to push all of his cock inside my pussy i think . I bled a little , got hurt but also got addicted …. My sense came back in the morning . I was drowned in cum .They came on my hair , face , boobs and belly .JUST HOW MANY TIMES DID THEY FUCK ME ??? Suddenly i realized , there was still a cock in my pussy !! UMM… I THINK MY PENIS IS STUCK IN YOUR PUSSY , MISS … I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR 2 HOURS BUT COULDN’T GET IT OUT … the man said . FUCK ! JUST HOW LONG HAVE YOU KEPT IT INSIDE ?!? JUST PULL IT OUT ALREADY !! It did came out … but only after pulling it several times with all our might . Several days later i found out i was pregnant . I don’t know who the father was and couldn’t care less . I thought i was not well fit to be a mother so had to give it up . There was still time to turn around . After that i fucked several big black guys and got myself miscaraged . I planned on never going without pills from then on.

Birthday special sex . Birthday ki din chudai. Hindi chudai story, hindi sex kahaniya . Hindi chudai kahaniya

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